• Beer collectors meetings

    Beer collectors meetings

    Our Objectives. To promote and disseminate knowledge relating to the hobby of beer label collecting and information regarding breweries, their history and allied subjects. To make beer labels available to members by way of exchange or sale at reasonable prices, in aid of our nominated Charity or Society funds. To provide opportunities for members to meet and to encourage them to correspond with fellow collectors to their mutual advantage.

    To organise our annual Label of the Year event in order to recognise and to encourage exciting new beer label design and to thank the breweries for their goodwill, on which the Society depends for so much. Then why not consider joining the Society, just check out Membership.

    Labology in Perspective. Label collecting certainly pre-dates the formation of the Society by many years, there were collectors active in the early years of this century, and throughout both World Wars soldiers posted to camps miles from their home towns, or abroad, sometimes soaked the labels off bottles of the local brew as a mementos.

    The International nature of the hobby was emphasized and among the stunts employed was the dropping of a large number of Guinness bottles in the Atlantic each containing a parchment greeting with a tear-off strip for the finder to reply.

    Rarely the odd reply still turns up! The resurgence of interest in traditional beer and brewing methods in the mid s, largely through the efforts of the Campaign for Real Ale, gave added impetus to the Society and saw the emergence of other brewery history and breweriana collecting societies. For the Society to survive successfully, it needs the continued efforts of like minded collectors.

    Log In Username:. Keep me signed in. Log In. Recent Posts. Labologists on Twitter. Tweets by Labology. International Society for Beer Label Collectors and Brewery Research Our Objectives To promote and disseminate knowledge relating to the hobby of beer label collecting and information regarding breweries, their history and allied subjects.

    Thus we welcome new members, either from the UK or overseas, to our Society.

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    By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Please create an account, or Log in here. If you don't have an account, create one here. Breweriana… 70 items. He brought it to my house last night to show it to me and to see if i was interested in purchasing it from him.

    From the moment I saw it I wanted it, the only problem was I wasn't sure exactly what it was. The sunburst logo and the phrase "Sunny's Lookin' Good!

    The sign looks to be hand painted and who ever made it had major graphic illustration and typography skills. To make a sign like this would have taken a fair amount of time and effort to create.

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    I sent a few pictures of this sign to other collectors that I know and I got a variety of feedback from them; one thing was for sure, they all have never seen one like this before. One guy think it may have been some kind of artist or printers proof.

    Photo Gallery of Our Monthly Meetings & Events

    The other guy think's it may have been a sign hung in a social club or bar for brewery union works to coordinate their meetings. If anyone has ever seen anything like this or knows the purpose of this sign please let me know. Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing from you. Create an account or login in order to post a comment.

    Collectors Weekly. Sign in. All Categories All. Jewels loves this. Posted 6 years ago. Help us close this case. Add your knowledge below. Beer Signs. See all. Beer Signs of Such an important event in the collector community would not have taken place without the support from beer factories with beer and attributes. The equipment for beer spilling was provided by Raush. Within two days the event, litres of beer were spilled for beer fans. Our club produced commemorative T-shirts and badges with the emblem of the meeting for the participants, held a win-win lottery of souvenir products from the sponsors of the meeting.

    And also KKPA and Moscow restaurant-brewery "Pivzavod 77" realized new special bottling of beer with a commemorative label and cap.

    beer collectors meetings

    At the end of the second day, a traditional amateur beer tasting was carried out. This year she was with a trick: it was proposed to guess the country or at least to indicate whose beer - Russian or foreign.

    beer collectors meetings

    Beer labels and caps became the most popular collection objects among the participants of the 22nd meeting. Chelohovo and brewery Pivot Point c. The delegation visited most from breweries of the region - in total about one and a half tens.

    Post Malone Previews \

    As number of a meeting is "round", KKPA has organized special pouring of beer except habitual already memorable t-shirt, and also has made a memorable glass. The Royal Omar brewery from Alexandrov has also sent for participants of a meeting cag draft lager and several packings of the bottle beer. The Moscow office of the Heineken company which more than once was helping out collectors has allocated for us excellent branded baseball caps and a box of glasses.

    The device has provided to our club shop of Glavpivmag draft beer for pouring of beer. The memorable glass has been made in number of pieces and has got to each participant at the event. In total more than people mainly from Moscow, St.

    Petersburg and the cities of the Central Russia have participated in a meeting. The big delegation has arrived from Belarus. From Slovakia there has arrived our good friend Jan Pokrevka.

    The next 21st Moscow meeting will take place on October Our club has combined a trip to a meeting with the excursion program. We were helped with it by Jacek Wozniak from Warsaw, the collector of beer glasses and in combination the organizer of excursion tours. The group of teammates has by train reached Warsaw, and from there has gone to quite fascinating trip on the South and the East of Poland, having come around, including, in Tychy. For this joint trip children have visited 17 breweries, have visited the ancient cities and even the historical salt mine.

    Petersburg club "Beer Etiquette". In the organization of a meeting collectors were assisted by several enterprises of brewing branch at once. The main support was carried out by CJSC Moscow Brewery Ochakovo, having provided souvenirs, beer for an entertainment of participants at the event and the equipment for his pouring.

    The Moscow brewery MPK has allocated souvenirs and license Faxe canned beer in original registration from a series about Vikings.

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    As a presentation grade the malt liquor to the audience was presented by contract brewery Clute from Yaroslavl. Separate thanks should be told the Moscow representative office of Heineken for the provided beer glasses for each participant of a meeting. Each participant of a meeting has received a welcome set of labels, birdekely, a memorable badge, a beer glass and special coupons on which beer was released.

    Separately for all comers KKPA has made memorable t-shirts with a meeting emblem. The whole two days exchange and communication continued. Participants at the event have appreciated not only efforts of organizers, but also the support given to collectors by the brewing enterprises.Vintage beer cans are displayed Thursday at the 49th annual gathering of members of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America.

    It was an odd hobby for a pre-teen in the s that turned into a lifetime pursuit. For 49 years, the group, and its predecessor the Beer Can Collectors of America, have organized conventions celebrating vintage beer cans from brewers around the world.

    Sunshine Premium Beer "Monthly Meeting" Sign

    Collectors came to trade, buy and sell beer cans dating as far back as the post-Prohibition era. Some collectors traded beer cans connected to the thousands of craft brewers who used complicated art to adorn their cans.

    Others featured Chicano images while some focused on the regional landscapes of their brewers. Dave Gausepohl, a board member of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America, said some of the mostly empty vessels of beer are selling for hundreds, while collectors are opting to swap their six-packs with fellow fans of foam.

    The Journal Gazette. Home News US. Associated Press Vintage beer cans are displayed Thursday at the 49th annual gathering of members of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America.

    Sign up for our daily headlines newsletter. Share this article Share on facebook Share on twitter Email story.The Victorian Beer Label Collectors' Society was formed in by a group of enthusiastic collectors of beer labels.

    The Society holds meetings every two months second Sunday, even months and publishes a magazine which is distributed every odd month.

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    The Society endeavours to acquire sufficient new label issues from Australian breweries so that all members can receive the latest labels and to do this, the Society is most grateful to the Australian breweries.

    For all Website, Beer label and Membership inquiries please Email inquiries vblcs. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by this evolving health emergency. Our Government is closely monitoring the latest developments and are committed to providing you timely updates. Please remember we are here to help our members. We will continue to follow the official Australian Government advice to guide our actions. This is so we can ensure the safety, health and welfare of our members and others whom we interact.

    This includes restricting face-to-face interactions in majority of instances and practicing safe distance processes. Whilst not intended, this may cause some disruption to the way you normally liaise with friends and members at our meetings and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

    Please be assured that we remain committed to conducting meetings and making labels available as usual and delivering the best outcomes for you. As circumstances continue to evolve, we will update our approach to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our members. Further communication will be sent regarding our AGM on 14 June. Thank you for your patience as we work together through this.


    New Northern Territory beer label found. A new label from Port Darwin, dating from the 's has been found. The beer looks to have been brewed at Feldsloch brewery overseas, and bottled in Port Darwin.

    If anyone has more information on this label or brewery please send us an email. We are Currently working on the website and it should fully fucntional in a few weeks. Australian Beer Label Annual Vol. Beer history in Australia is often told through the written word and seldom illustrated.

    By attempting to present all beer labels from one yearthis page book gives a factual and historical view of what beers Australians are drinking.

    It also shows the cultural and changing beer tastes of Australians. When your mates ask you what is your favourite Aussie beer, this book can make you look like a expert!Founded in St.

    Louis inthe BCCA has dozens of affiliate chapters. It was originally named the "Beer Can Collectors of America". It sponsors numerous shows for beer can collectors throughout the year, and it publishes a very nice magazine, Beer Cans and Breweriana Collectibles, which comes out six times a year. Published inyou can buy it directly from the BCCA. It's a good price guide for flat tops and cone tops, although there are some errors in the pricing. The Rusty Bunch is a BCCA Chapter founded in for those members who enjoy hunting for old cans wherever they may have been tossed in the past.

    Called "dumping", hunting for cans in the woods, in old buildings, tossed under porches, etc. Rusty Bunch members in the past plus years, have discovered numerous cans from the s and s which were previously unknown to exist.

    The Rusty Bunch publishes a monthly newsletter containing stories from members about dumping, tips on finding cans, articles on little-known variations of cans by specialists, etc. It's the best newsletter in the BCCA. They sponsor numerous shows throughout the year. It also sponsors numerous meetings and trade sessions. The magazine is especially nice, one of the better collector's magazines around. National Association Breweriana Advertising.

    The National Association Breweriana Advertising NABA was organized in to encourage the collection, preservation and study of American brewery advertising on a national level. While the founding members were mostly from Wisconsin and Illinois, and our Membership is still heaviest in the Midwestern states, NABA soon developed into a national organization.

    Very well done and informative. Please report any dead or problem links, just email me. Beer Radio : On Sirius and on the Web. The owner is trying to match conetop cans to the correct bottle caps that they used.Find Your Beer Can.

    It is the largest breweriana and beer can club in the U. It consists of over local chapters and features a yearly national convention with over members attending.

    BCCA members concentrate mainly on collecting beer cans. I have belonged to the BCCA for over 20 years and have enjoyed many shows and the friends I have made.

    If you join only one breweriana club, this may be the one. It currently has over members from 33 states, as well as Canada. The club motto is: "Through breweriana collectibles the history of the brewing industry will be preserved. The book is the definitive reference listing every U. It is an invaluable tool for any breweriana collector.

    It is incorporated in Illinois as a non-profit association. The membership is concentrated in the Midwestern states, with many of the members residing in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. There are currently over members from 5 countries and 40 states with 11 local chapters.

    The members of this club concentrate mainly on collecting breweriana. There are few beer cans at the local shows or national convention. It is based out of Michigan and consists mainly of members from the Midwestern states. There are 4 local chapters and several thousand members.

    ABA members concentrate mainly on collecting breweriana, not beer cans. The ABA also offers various exchange services for crowns, beer business cards, coasters, micro coasters, openers, beer labels, beer napkins and beer sports schedules.

    beer collectors meetings

    Join a Beer Can club today! Guaranteed to help you build up your beer can collection and friends too. The other 3 clubs mainly focus on collecting all types of breweriana signs, trays, coasters, labels, tap knobs, etc. The best way to build a beer can collection is to join a club. The clubs provide a wealth of information and events to help you learn more about the hobby and add beer cans and breweriana to your collection. Not only will you make some good friends but you will learn from the very best beer can collectors out there!


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