• Wife weight gain after marriage stories

    Wife weight gain after marriage stories

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    wife weight gain after marriage stories

    We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. People of these zodiac signs have difficulty expressing their feelings even when they are in love.

    This beautiful bride got inspired by Priyanka Chopra's wedding lehenga and designed her own wedding outfit for her Indo-American wedding. From dressing up like a cowgirl to flaunting a workout pout: 5 stylish things Kareena Kapoor Khan is doing while working from home and you aren't.

    Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Are you the one who recently got married or do you know someone who did? It is very common in our country for women to gain a few kilos after they are wed.

    In fact, it is considered a healthy sign and a thing that must happen. Most would say because one starts having sex regularly after they marry. Well, you are in for a surprise. Sex does not lead to weight gain in any way, in fact. There is no way that ejaculated semen can get digested and assimilated in the bloodstream. And, in any case, ml of semen average ejaculation contains only about 15 calories!

    Most women get on the treadmill as soon as their wedding dates are finalized. They want to look slim and flaunt a lean figure in their bridal dresses, but what happens when the D-day has come and gone?

    Your fitness routine breaks and you get back to your earlier routine, making you gain that weight back. Besides, it is also more likely that your eating habits change after marriage and you eat more than what you did when you were single. No, it is men too.The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.

    This article was published more than 3 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. I've been together with my wife for nine years, married just over three.

    She was a soccer player, very fit, and exactly what I wanted from a wife so I stuck with her. But she gained 80 pounds about two years into our relationship. I always saw her working it out and getting back to her old self. Instead, she has regressed further, both physically and personality-wise, whereas I am very driven and active and want to experience all I can in life.

    I'm at the point where if she doesn't take things seriously soon, I'll want a divorce. Is this wrong of me to want a deeper connection and attraction? I've given so much time to waiting without result. It's funny: We live in a culture where this is a taboo topic. It's "fat shaming," we should all be happy with our bodies the way they are, and so on.

    wife weight gain after marriage stories

    And to be honest, I'd feel a lot more comfortable with this question if the sexes were reversed and it was a wife complaining about a husband. Also, I'd love to drop bromides like: These considerations shouldn't matter, it's the love and spiritual connection that counts, the main thing is communication and whether you're soulmates. But I just can't. Time and experience and everyone I talk to and everything I've read indicate otherwise. Google "my spouse got fat.

    wife weight gain after marriage stories

    You tend to hear more from the women, and the common thread is along the lines of: "I love my husband, he has a great personality, but he's become a tubby hubby and refuses to do anything about it. Now I'm finding I'm not attracted to him and thinking of leaving him. What do I do? It's been a problem for me, too, I won't lie. My wife loves me, we're soulmates, but I've always wrestled with my weight.

    And I know my wife has wrestled with it my weight too. Time passes and wrinkles and grey hair happen to everyone, but she has the right to a reasonable facsimile of the hot guy she married. Or at least someone who's trying.

    And I do: I go to the gym I live across the street from one, so I really have no excusewatch what I eat. I fight the fight.I know that I am talking about a touchy subject, weight.

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    But I need to talk about it. Just letting you know that I am sharing my personal experience and you may not agree with it. As you all know, I got married in June God, it has been 10 months alreadyand I realise that I have put on some weight. I really watch what I eat and exercise regularly but this weight gain has shocked me.

    My wife has gained weight, and if things don't change I'll want a divorce

    I keep telling my husband about it but he keeps on telling me that a few kilo is nothing and I look good anyway. The funny thing is I am saying NO to all the junk food while AS is enjoying chocolate biscuits and other indulgence.

    Some days it makes me so frustrated. We used to have snacks every evening after work and I thought that had contributed on my weight gain so I stopped having my tea and biscuits but still my weight seems to stay put. I know I am not fat but I am not as skinny as I was before marriage either. I know that because some of my dresses are a bit tight for me now. They explained that man has more muscles compare to women so when they exercise, it is easy for them to lose the weight quickly than women.

    I think it is not fair but I guess I just have to work harder. The third and last factor I found out is age. As we get older, our metabolism rate decrease so we need to cut down on our energy intake otherwise there is no stopping the weight gain. I am still health conscious and want to keep my weight in check. Anyway, once I realised the factors I listed above, I have been doing well and have lost 3 kgs.

    My aim is to lose 2 more kilos before the start of our next holiday. I know my husband loves me but I told him not to share his snacks with me. I am also watching what I eat. So if you are having a similar problem as I did, this is what I did and it helps.Since getting hitched five years ago, I've packed 25 pounds onto my 5'3" frame, reaching pounds and trading my size 8s for 12s. I never thought I'd really "let myself go" my blood boils at that phrasebut I have lost touch with my old self.

    Since getting married, I've exercised less and drank more — mostly to soothe the demands of my job, but also to hush the bouts of thunderous monotony that come with marriage. Kill a bottle of wine with dinner a few times a week and the calories add up. My jeans and shirts had become increasingly snugger, but it wasn't until the zipper on my favorite dress wouldn't budge that I was forced to confront my new size.

    I was mortified, especially when I saw a slab of back fat in the mirror. I had recently read a new study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science that found that marriages are happier when the wife is the skinnier party — and it made me question how my weight gain was affecting my own marriage.

    When we think of "the fat wife," we envision a woman one cupcake-binge away from The Biggest Loser. That's not me. Much of my fat has settled in the "right" places my breasts and hips.

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    But what if it hadn't? What if I'd gained 50 pounds? Or ? Would I be testing the vow of "for better or worse"? In bed, my husband, rock-star lean at pounds, must have felt every bit of me — and that made me supremely uncomfortable. I felt big, bulky, unsexy. One thing neither of us were happy about: my new wardrobe.

    The clingy clothes that once defined me now hung like artifacts in my closet. When I complained that we didn't have sex as often, my husband nodded to my yoga pants and said, "Babe, you still turn me on.

    But I need something more to get me going. I wondered whether my husband could spot my deflated self-esteem as easily as my love handles. On our honeymoon, I'd sprinted bare-assed through our Jamaican villa. Now, after showering, instead of walking around in a towel like a normal person, I change in the bathroom. Recently, while planning our anniversary, my husband suggested Mexico. My brain's insecure circuits lit up. What I craved was the security of nubby sweaters.

    We compromised on Sedona. It's a shame, because I would have loved to dig my toes into white sand. We've made a habit of dancing around the subject of my fuller body. But one rainy afternoon, my husband and I were cleaning, and he found an old photo of me wearing a sheer Cavalli blouse and skinny jeans.Asked by baxtersimon.

    I totally forgot about this story until the other day The wife, separated from him, loses weight, but over time the wife notices the daughters being fattened as retaliation. Eventually she gains the weight back, moves back in to stop him, but it's too late, yadda, yadda, yadda You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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    Ladies, here’s why you gain weight after marriage (and it’s not w...

    Search In. Report post. December 2, Something like that. If anyone knows the story or author, or point me in the right direction, it'd be appreciated. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. December 3, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.My husband has gained a very unattractive amount of weight.

    Ileana D'Cruz Extreme WEIGHT Gain seen after Marriage

    It really turns me off. Before we were married, he was real committed to losing weight and keeping it off, but at some point he gave up. What do you do when you have absolutely no attraction to your husband? Dennis: There are a couple sides to this issue.

    B arbara: This is a difficult problem because weight is an important issue for physical health and for healthy relationships.

    An important ingredient of any marriage is the need for husbands and wives to please each other. They should learn what pleases the other person, and then seek to do it.

    At the same time, we live in a very image-oriented culture, where sexual attraction is so often tied to physical appearance. Then, I would pray that the Lord would grant you opportunities to express how you feel in a gentle and supportive way. Ask if there is anything you can do to help. Dennis: Find a way to communicate this value to your husband-whether by letter, over a cup of coffee, a date night, etc.

    One of the things that I fear for any relationship is a critical spirit. It will destroy romance; a marriage; and a family. B arbara: A similar problem occurs when a wife gains weight, especially from childbirth. She may feel unattractive or even rejected because her husband may not be initiating romance as he was before.

    Dennis: Often it can take a year to work that weight off, and with each child the weight comes off slower each time. A husband needs to be patient and verbally express his love and affection for his wife. Barbara: The husband needs to follow the same advice we just gave the wife.

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    He needs to look at his attitude, at what is most important. A husband needs to care for his wife and live with her in an understanding way. To me, if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off for the long haul, something has to be changed at the very core about the way you think about food.

    My wife has gained weight, and if things don't change I'll want a divorce

    Find a weight loss program that takes people through a biblical process of committing that aspect of your life to the Lord and ask Him to give you strength and wisdom. We exist to help you succeed in the three most important relationships in life. God, Spouse, Kids.

    Who is FamilyLife?Starting with letting go of an unhealthy obsession with her body nearly five years ago, Kimmey has documented the process of learning to love herself, which has resulted in her throwing out the scale and having fluctuating weight. Alongside a slideshow of photos that show the pair evolving from the time they met at age 15 until now, nearly 16 years later, his heartfelt note leads to one conclusion: Whether Allison is a size 4 or size 18her husband loves her unconditionally.

    Ted explains that his growing love for his wife — having nothing to do with the weight that she was gaining, or losing — was a result of her greater appreciation of herself and the things in her life that she loves. We rarely have a bad day.

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    And although Allison knew all of this herself, she tells Yahoo Lifestyle why it was so important for others to hear those words from him. And between two people who can garner that love for themselves, Allison and Ted agree that the relationship can only grow and get better. Read more from Yahoo Lifestyle:. Follow us on InstagramFacebookand Twitter for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. Uncle: "The ad also includes an image of a smiling Biden standing alongside an Asian American man — an apparent attempt to suggest that the former president has an inappropriately cozy relationship with China.

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    I'm Fatter Than My Husband

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